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At VECTRA International we are committed to making our website as accessible as possible to all in accordance with the Website Accessibility Initiative (WAI guidelines).

However, if you find something that needs improvement to make the site even more accessible, please contact us.

Access keys

The following access keys have been defined to let you navigate this website without a mouse:

1 - Homepage
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5 - FAQ
9 - Contact
0 - Accessibility
S - Skip navigation

Until other browsers offer better support for access keys, we recommend you use the Opera browser to navigate in this way. Hold down the SHIFT and the ESC keys at the same time, then release, to view which access keys have been defined. Then press the relevent access key.

Browser settings

- To change settings in Internet Explorer

- To change settings in Mozilla Firefox

- To change settings in Opera (recommended)

Screen readers


Window's Narrator, the basic screen reader that comes with later versions of Windows, is not suitable for reading web pages. A variety of full screen readers are available for Windows users, two popular ones being Jaws and Window-eyes.


From Mac OS X 10.4 onwards, there is a fully integrated screen reader called VoiceOver. Information on setting up VoiceOver can be found on the Apple website's VoiceOver section.


A number of screen readers/screen magnifiers are available, the most popular being:

- Beam XVI for Linux

- Jupiter Speech System

- Speakup Screen Review

Screen resolution

You can set your computer to display different screen resolutions. This site has been designed to work best at 1024 x 768 pixels. For information on adjusting the display resolution try the help files in your operating system or consult the manufacturer's website.


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