Vectra International


1. How do we operate?

VECTRA is an independent organization working as a cooperative of independent experts in over 20 countries. VECTRA brings the appropriate network skills and expertise towards its clients. The clients benefit from a VECTRA principle and system that relies on funding for the actual expert’s time spent and project work delivered only.

2. Why choose VECTRA International?

VECTRA continuously invests in identifying, reproducing and applying leading practices in its assessments, advice, know-how, knowledge transfer and support.

3. How innovative is the VECTRA approach?

VECTRA has been involved with projects which have led to the implementation of participatory remediation on labour conditions in factories and farms, worked with industry association to drive new supply chain accountability programs, implemented new product ranges espousing ESG best practice. We constantly work with the client to make a competitive advantage by integrating latest thinking on ESG.

4. Who are your typical clients?

VECTRA has historically had a variety of clients:

  • 40 percent brand, consumer and international supply chain organizations
  • 20 percent manufacturers or large producers for an international market
  • 20 percent financial institutions on project evaluation, monitoring and guidance
  • 10 percent civil society organizations (NGO, trade union)
  • 10 percent government led initiatives

5. How long does the development of a typical CR program take?

VECTRA has a 7-step approach to introducing a CR or ESG program within an organization building on what the organization has already in place and leveraging the strength of its systems and people. The duration can vary from a few months (to establish a strategy and communication) to several years to fully embed the ESG and CR concepts in business practices (this is of course depending on the organization size and resources). The key to any VECTRA engagement is the transfer of its knowledge into the client's organization.

6. How do you define ‘independent’?

The experts within the VECTRA cooperative work solely for the benefit of the client in pursuit of the goals and concepts espoused in ESG and CR. Each expert works from a home office and not for larger for-profit entities - this allows VECTRA to charge clients best value for money services. VECTRA also has a strong principle base and ensures that its client base is balanced between for-profit direct to consumer organizations and those organizations who supply them or provide check and balance to the direct to consumer/brand organizations.

7. How do you integrate CR in existing business processes?

At VECTRA International, we strive to enable positive change by transferring our know-how to our clients. Strategically integrating key elements of labor, environment, consumer safety and human rights into existing business processes provides the client with lower business and reputational risks and maximizes the longevity of its business and the objectives and aspirations of its stakeholders.

8. Who does VECTRA represent?

VECTRA International’s independence means that we can truly represent all stakeholders, and in the case of not-for-profits, particularly those for whose purpose, care or protection the nonprofit was brought into being.

9. Why would I apply due diligence process?

Many organizations would like to prepare themselves to ensure they meet the requirements of their clients and the market (consumer and financial). Some organizations would like to ensure that the risk and compliance within project financing or supply chains are managed appropriately. However the due diligence process is only the first step in ensuring the workplace and supply chain improves its ESG or CR performance resulting in a positive impact for organization, supplier, worker, community and consumer.



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