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Stakeholder Engagement/Communication Strategy & Implementation

VECTRA International promotes two-way communication and understanding stakeholders' needs and expectations as a critical element to the development of a SR management process. The information derived from this process enables organizations to learn and adjust, not only its products and operations, but also its policies on achieving 'good corporate citizenship'.

  • Stakeholder Mapping & Prioritization
    Identification of stakeholders
    - Prioritization based on needs of both the organization and the stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Engagement or Dialogue
    - Facilitation of stakeholder engagement and dialogue processes
    - Application of specifically-tailored processes or application of the draft AA1000 SES standard
    - Learning - Identifying and understanding the needs, expectations and challenges of internal and external stakeholders
    - Innovating - Building on stakeholder knowledge to further develop strategy and align operations
    - Performing - Developing and implementing performance indicators that enable internal and external stakeholders to assess the success of the organization

  • Communication planning
    - Setting of communication objectives
    - Development of key messages
    - Definition of communication tools, processes and timing
    - Assistance in the implementation of internal and external communication plans and programs (incl. HR Communication)
    - Communication training & coaching (spokesperson/media training)

A sample of our work in this field in the last two years:

  • CSR report review and verification for American based consumer goods multi national

  • 14 CSR reporting projects for direct to consumer rganisations

  • NGO engagement strategy for European B2B organization


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