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SR Policy and strategy

VECTRA International assists clients in the development of Social Responsibility policy and strategy, based on vision, long-term planning, scenario analysis, full system analysis, research and benchmarking:

  • Development of mission, vision, values with focus on SR or sustainability

  • Responsible competitiveness strategy for supply chain and retail environment

  • Ethical management guidance and governance

  • Policy development together with effective operational systems and due diligence mechanisms to manage and promote the governance of labor and human rights risks and responsibilities

  • Brand management programs to enhance efficiency, quality and profitability methods and management styles in line with social compliance

  • EHS Policy and Strategy

  • EHS senior management strategic workshops

  • Continual improvement strategy and tools (kaizen)

  • EHS key performance indicators

  • Emerging Chemical Issues-Management Strategy
    - Environmental Health and Safety Reporting (Annual Reports)

  • Greening the supply chain

A sample of our work in this field in the last two years:

  • Set up of Code of Conduct monitoring process for multi national retailer (65 countries - 3000 suppliers)

  • Strategic advice to multi national of Human rights integration into operations (Global retailer - supply chain includes extractives)

  • CSR strategy, infrastructure and implementation for a UK high-end brand (Global fashion retailer including home products)

  • CSR strategy and implementation for global premium brand electronics company

  • 3-year strategic industrial sector plan on CSR and productivity within Bangladesh (multi-stakeholder/government project)

  • Social performance strategic project for industry reconversion – North Africa (government project)

  • Assisted in the development of a strategic and tactical approach to managing the business implications (in a proactive fashion), the myriad of emerging chemical issues facing a global manufacturer



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